WKXL News Radio, Concord, NH:

NH Rep. Charles Bass reacts to the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting:

An overview of the Concord, NH city budget for fiscal year 2013:

Coverage of a 2012 campaign stop by President Barack Obama in Durham, NH:

NH Gov. John Lynch and Rep. Charles Bass react to the passing of former NH Gov. Walter Peterson:


WICB-FM/VIC Radio, Ithaca, NY:

Sample live newscast:

Short cut of “VIC News Saturday,” an hour-long news talk program exclusive to VIC and first produced by Steven:

News package from “Ithaca Now,” WICB’s local news program:


Web/Multimedia Audio:

An evening in the life of the Ithaca Fire Department:

Pennie Small, an Ithaca woman of retirement age who is still working full-time, tells her story: